Daniel Kerner Award Ceremony

Updated Wednesday May 3, 2017 by Santa Margarita Little League.

Daniel Kerner Awards - THIS Saturday, 11:30am @ Bricker Field - Daniel and his family were a big part of our league for years.  Daniel passed away at ten years old from Battens Disease. This is a very crippling and degenerative disease. Daniel was at every one of his brother’s games – in uniform and with the most infectious smile you would ever see. Daniel never threw a pitch, caught a fly ball or batted a ball; but he was part of the team and he was a part of the league. For six years, he showed up at Little League games, first in a walker, then with a wheelchair. He was escorted to the pitcher’s mound before the first pitch and participated in the Little League pledge. He sat in the dugout of his brother’s team, smiling, rooting them on as best he could. When the game was over, he shook hands with opponents. Daniel never knew who won or made the “big play” – he just knew we was part of something special. When he died, there was no question what clothes Daniel would be buried in, his Little League uniform.  

Every year our league awards a 12 year old from each division the Daniel Kerner Award to someone that exemplifies all that Daniel stood for. A player that has a great attitude even if he is not batting first and not the starting pitcher. A player that cheers for all the players in the league and represents Santa Margarita Little League in the best light.

Daniel Kerner's family will be there Saturday, alongside past recipients to hand out the award. Anyone who attends will be moved by the ceremony and graciousness of the Kerner family. Please join us on this special day - you will be glad you did!

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